CIPCの副会長であり、日本パイプクラブ連盟名誉会長鈴木達也氏にNew Yorkパイプクラブからレターが届きました。鈴木氏はNew Yorkパイプクラブの名誉会員です。

ATTENTION, ATTENTION!!! International Pipe Smoking Day at NAT SHERMAN Saturday, Feb 21, 2015

The New York Pipe Club
Joins the Fellowship of Pipe Smokers Worldwide in
International Pipe Smoking Day
Nat Sherman, NYC


Please be sure to join your New York Pipe Club as we celebrate our Eighth Annual International Pipe Smoking Day (IPSD) Celebration!

Celebrated the world over officially on February 20th, our event will take place on Saturday, February 21, 2015, from 3pm - 6pm.

This year, we will once again be the guests of our good friends at Nat Sherman, 42nd Street, off 5th Ave., in NYC, from 3pm - 6pm
in their Johnson Club Room.
So, please make every effort to come on
out and join us and while we are there, why not show our gratitude and support of our local brick and mortar shop by purchasing some of the many fine tobacco blends offered by Nat Sherman or perhaps even a brand new pipe -read on for special discounts extended to us to commemorate the special day!

A huge THANKS! go out to the kind folks at Nat Sherman for hosting our club event this year, especially to Pat Felitti and Chris McGrath. For more
information and store location, see below and also visit their website:

Nat Sherman, NYC

Be sure to make plans to hoist a bowl in the name of international unity and pipe smoking brother and sisterhood! More information about IPSD is available from the website:

Internaonal Pipe Smoking Day

"On February 20th pipe smokers all around the world are celebrating International Pipe Smoking Day. On this day we will celebrate the noble art of pipe-smoking and the spirit which pervades the brotherhood and sisterhood of the briar. We will put into practice the time-honored and ancestral traditions of raising our pipes in unison to toast each other and share a bowl together."

The New York Pipe Club invites all pipe smokers and those interested in the art of pipe smoking to join them in their celebration February 21st in the Johnson Club Room at Nat Sherman Tobacconist, 12 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017 (212) 764-5000, from 3:00PM - 6:00PM. We are cordially invited to remain in the club room until the store officially closes at 7:00pm. Our plan is to then, head over to one of our smoke friendly lounges for continued smokes, a nightcap and a bite to eat. The destination is yet to be determined, but Merchants East or SoHo Cigar Bar would be the likely spots.

A few notes about the day...

  • We will be attended to once again by club member, Chris McGrath, who will be our Nat Sherman retail liaison during the event. He's not only a club member but is Nat Sherman's
    resident pipe and tobacco expert and has worked tirelessly to promote Nat Sherman as the premier leader in NYC for pipes and pipe tobacco and has helped Nat Sherman to make a strong resurgence in the pipe and pipe tobacco retail category.
  • Specials for IPSD:
    • Chris will showcase some special products that are exclusive to Nat Sherman. Nat
      Sherman is blending a seasonal pipe tobacco once a quarter, and the latest blend will be available for our event
    • We will all get to 'pick a discount' - discount cards ranging from 10-30% will be placed
      in a hat, and we all get a draw - whatever we draw will be the discount applied to our purchases during the event
  • Club Discount for the day:
    • The club will be given an initial 10% discount on all pipes and pipe accessories then,
    • After picking out your pipe or accessory, an additional discount will be picked offering another 10% - 25%!
The NY Pipe Club will also be conducting a raffle or two so, come on out and give your luck a try!

So, please make every effort to come out and join us and why not take
advantage of the discounts and show our gratitude and support of our local
brick and mortar shop by purchasing some of the many fine tobacco blends
offered by Nat Sherman or perhaps even a brand new pipe!

As always, please be sure to check your email for our club newsletter and
special announcements. Also, be sure to check in often at our Club website
and our Club Facebook page for more details as they become available.

Bring your pipes & tobaccos! Tobacco sharing is happily encouraged.

Would you like to be this happy? Then please join us at the Eighth Annual International Pipe Smoking Day Celebration on Saturday, February 21, 2015 from 3:00pm - 6:00pm at Nat Sherman.

Invites you to join us on
Saturday, 2/21/2015 3pm-6pm
In the
Johnson Club Room at Nat Sherman
12 E42nd Street, Manhattan, New York
Come for fellowship with other pipers!
Tobacco sharing encouraged!
Bring your pipes & tobaccos!
So wherever you are, lift a bowl and join pipers around the world for IPSD!!


Members of the New York Pipe Club celebrate the first International Pipe Smoking Day in 2008